About Us


Cathay Chemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is specialized in petroleum, natural gas, oil refining and chemical industries. The company is integrated with manufacturing, engineering, international trade and technology research and has been working together with foreign and domestic well-known companies, national academy of science and prestigious research institutes to provide customers with world leading technologies, superior products, services.

CathayChem has a team of highly educated and professional personnel including overseas returnees, PhD, industrial specialists and technicians, and an experienced management team. State-of-art management concept, up to date business model and high efficient teamwork ensures our superior products and high quality services to our customers.

The scope of our business covers energy (exploration、production and transmission), chemistry and environment (refinery, petrochemical and chemical plants, environmental engineering, waste treatment engineering), measurement and control technology etc.

Cathaychem has set up its own Research and Development Center, which has achieved plenty of successes, such as new oxidation additive used in PTA oxidation process, Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology and Sour Water Coalescer etc.

Cathaychem’s production bases are located in Jinzhou District and Songmudao Chemical Park in Dalian City, which are mainly for assembly and manufacturing of equipment, production of petrochemical catalyst, additives and purification of biological glycerol.
Cathaychem has established its branch company in Beijing and Representatvie Offices in Hongkong and America.